Early to Bed. Early to Rise

I have come head to head with my weakness. It is unbelievable to me sometimes how weak I really am. Just when I think I am making headway in something, once again my weakness begins to glare at me in the mirror. Wow. It really is true that I can do absolutely nothing apart from Christ. Now I always know this is true in my heart, but my mind forgets.

I am an extreme multitasker. I love when I have multiple things to juggle and put my hands to. I guess this is a gift that I should be thankful for as a mom and wife. The bad thing is that this can also be a horrible weakness. I can so easily get wrapped up in the busyness of life that it becomes hard for me to slow down.

I have struggled like many I am sure to really find that “right” time to sit and just be with Jesus and the Word. For a while, I tried to focus at night after my kids went to bed. That rarely worked out the way I wanted. I would find myself beating myself up internally because of how tired I was and how desperately I just wanted to sleep. I tried during the afternoon while my kids were sleeping, but that ended in a very similar way.

At the end of the day, I just felt defeated. My heart longed to sit with Jesus like I did before I became a mom, but I just could not figure out how to do it without just getting in the minimum. Yes, any time counts! Yes, my prayers as I wash dishes count! Yes, my time praying as I go to bed counts! All of those count, and if you are a mom please hear me say that your 30 second prayers have the power to move angels and demons.

BUT, I wanted more. 

I have refused to believe that I do not have enough time to sit at the feet of Jesus. 

I realized that much of my night time routine was just wasted time. After spending time with my husband, I was reading and falling asleep or just watching TV and falling asleep. Then, I was still tired in the morning when my kids woke up. I never felt rested. Was this due to a lack of sleep, or was it because I was trying to live life on my own?

My simple answer,
Go to bed early and wake up early!

My bed time is 9 pm, and I am up by 5-5:30 am. This gives me at least one hour every morning to sit with the Lord BEFORE my day begins. This revolutionized my life. God truly meets me. He gives me grace to get up, more energy during the day, and sweet time while I sit with Him.

I really want to encourage you to find your time. Listen to your heart’s longings. I am a mom of two; I have a part-time job; and my husband works and is in graduate school. Believe me, I know how hard it is.  You can not live life on your own. We just can not make it work no matter how hard we try. I am praying for grace for you.

Jesus I pray that you would help me to sit before you. I pray that you would help me find the time to be in in the Word. I pray that your grace would carry me. Show me how to take control of my day so that we can go deeper.


  1. sara lowery | 11th Nov 13

    hey cathy! i am an old friend of marcus’ from middle and high school. just came across your blog links on facebook and wanted to encourage you to keep it up. you’re doing a great job. thank you for this reminder. i am typing this after 11 pm waiting for my husband, adam to come home from work, and i am terrible about staying up too late and then being too tired the next day. i love the simplicity of the solution, though. thanks for this reminder. 🙂

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