Fun with friends last night…God Made YOU!

As my weekend of soccer games is about to start, I am taking a minute to reflect on my night last night. I joined my mommy friends at a MOPs meeting! I was so honored to be the speaker, speaking on “Balancing Being You, A Mom, and A Wife.”

I learned so much from the other ladies and left encouraged! The night reminded me of how valuable I really am in the eyes of God. I needed that reminder in the midst of my crazy life.

Before I went, I so strongly heard the Lord remind me, “I made YOU, so you can be YOU.” Being me sounds like it would be an easy task, but I forget me. I forget about me A LOT. I forget about my dreams, my true desires, and even sometimes my practical necessities (like showering & eating.)

Be reminded today if you need the reminder like I did last night, “God made YOU, so YOU can be YOU.” You can be you all the time. You can be YOU and be a wonderful wife. You can be YOU and be a fantastic mom.

You are important!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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