Activating our love for God, family, and culture.  


There is just something that ignites my soul when I am in a room full of hungry people for Jesus. I would love to join you & your local mom’s group, church congregation, conference community, or church staff in igniting our hearts to follow God into His great kingdom purposes.

Though I provide the optional speaking topics below, I still prefer to seek God with you for what He would like to speak to your community.



Speaking Topics:

Activating Women:

  • The Balancing Act: Balancing Being You, Being a Wife, and Being a Mom
  • Moms Can Dream Big Too: Dreaming God’s Dreams for Your Life as a Mom
  • Loving God, Raising Kids, & Changing Culture: How Do They Go Together?
  • God Wrote Your Love Story: A Closer Look at the Song of Solomon
  • Investment Parenting: Making a Deposit in Your Kids that will Impact Their Futures
  • Living Family Intentionally: Practical Tools to Living For God as a Family


Activating Churches and Church Leadership:

  • Created to Live: Becoming the Answer to An Abortion-Free Community
  • Getting to Know the Word: Practical Ways to Study the Bible as a Community
  • Family First: Practical Tools For Valuing & Equipping Families
  • Transforming Your Church Culture through Honor
  • Post-Abortion Staff Training Seminar
  • Consulting: Kick Starting Your Abortion-Free Blueprint


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