The Home-schooling Dilemma

So now it is time to be real. I am a real mom with real concerns and real questions regarding how my husband and I raise our kids. One of the hardest challenges I have personally come up against as a mom has been the home-schooling dilemma. Yes, it is an amazing blessing for SO many reasons. I only call it a dilemma, because i am noticing that so many young  moms have allowed it to become a dilemma.

There seems to be this unspoken rule out there that many Christian moms specifically have come under that says, “You must home-school your children or you are not a good mom.” I am talking to moms who feel they have to whisper under their breath that they are sending their kids to school. They respond in conversation with guilty expressions. On the other hand, I have also talked to many moms that are home-schooling or planning to home-school because of obligation. Due to this, they are full of anxiety.

Maybe you do not have this home-school dilemma going in your life, but for those that do, how do we solve it in our hearts?

I am writing this post not at all to elevate my own views, but I truly desire for moms to be settled in their souls in how God leads them to teach and raise their children. 

Here are just a few thoughts I have heard from moms. Don’t judge. Just being real. 

To Home-school or Not to Home-school….

If i home-school, I can keep my children safe from tragic events happening in schools today.
If I home-school, I can teach my children how I want them to be taught.
If I home-school, my children will be smarter than the other children.
If I home-school, my children will have a Godly foundation in everything they learn.
If I home-school, my kids can be free to move and learn at their own pace.
If I home-school, I might go crazy with all my kids at home all day.
If I home-school, I will be pleasing my husband who always wanted his children to be home-schooled.
If I home-school, my children will not learn everything they need to learn. I am not smart enough.
If I home-school, I will be a good mom who has chosen the path that only good moms choose.
If I home-school, I will measure up to all the other Godly moms that I know that I want to be like.

If I do not home-school, my children will depart from the Lord.
If I do not home-school, my children will have friends.
If I do not home-school, my children will be able to learn from other teachers with their peers.
If I do not home-school, I will be allowing someone else to raise my children.
If I do not home-school, I will be out of control of what my children learn.
If I do not home-school, I will be putting my children at risk and danger.
If I do not home-school, I will not have to figure out how to balance babies and toddlers while homeschooling.
If I do not home-school, I do not have to spend all that time making schedules, buying books, etc.
If I do not home-school, It will be easier on me; therefore, I am selfish.
If i do not home-school, I will not be holding my children in a Christian bubble. They can be a light.
If I do not home-school, I might not measure up to all the other Godly moms that I know that I want to be like.

Of course, these are thoughts from many moms that you or I may not agree with; nevertheless, they are REAL! Us moms are extremely guilty of comparing ourselves to another moms. Unfortunately, for many parents this decision has boiled down to a make or break deal. We feel we might ruin our kids if we choose the wrong path. I guess you could say that about a lot decisions we make as parents. It doesn’t have to be this way! No matter what we choose or another chooses, we have to PRAY and trust Jesus.

No matter where you find yourself in this conversation, I hope that we can all choose our path free of quilt, shame, and fear!!!

I would LOVE to hear from parents that home-school and also those who do not home-school. What are your thoughts? How have you handled some of these concerns and beliefs. I would love to know! Any lessons learned are SO helpful to those of us young moms just starting out.

Blessings to parents in their education ventures!


  1. Jessica | 17th Sep 13

    I love this. My son is only 4 and I have been rolling around the “to homeschool or not to homeschool?” question since I was pregnant with him. There can definitely be a lot of fear and anxiety around the question. I have settled that the most important thing for me to model to my children is a heart that is in love with God and my family and standing in gratitude. Whichever path allows best for that each year, will be the path we choose. This year we are homeschooling and I am loving it and grateful for all the fun we are having together. If it becomes too much and I start to feel consistently frustrated instead of grateful, then we will change the plan and thank the Lord for public school!

    • Cathy | 19th Sep 13

      Thank you so much for your comment and encouragement. I love the way that you and your husband have surrendered this to the Lord. I love what you said and agree that we can always change our path and thank the Lord for whatever path He leads us on! Way to go momma! May the Lord continue to bless you as you home-school this year.

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