Today’s Roads and Tomorrow’s Dreams

Sometimes I look out my window with the Lord and dream. I love being a mom of two kids, and I loving dreaming and wondering about all the things that they will do in the world. I look at the roads outside my door and think about all the amazing destinations they will take them to. There are so many paths to choose and so many roads to travel.

Then it gets really quiet in the house, and I sit back and think about me. When I really think about my life, I love the places that these roads have led me to, but I also love to dream about where we will go together. As a mom of two children, much of my day involves following them around on their own little journeys. Journeys to the potty, journeys running after a ball in the yard, and journeys chasing their friends at the playground. I love these little trips that we take, but I also wonder what life will be like when our roads go separate ways. When my son goes down his road to football practice or my daughter goes down her road to a friend’s house, where will my road lead me? When my son travels off to college or my daughter travels to her own home with her own family, where will my road lead me? Obviously, I know that my husband and I will always hold hands as we enjoy this ride called life, but as a mom, my life will change. When my husband goes off to work in the morning, where will my road lead me?

I know that I won’t discover the answers to these questions for a while, but I like to sit and wonder as I stare out my window. Dreams and passions fill my heart. Some are for today and some are for tomorrow. Does every mom dream this way? Is it ok to feel this way?

It is important to dream! It is essential to who we are. It is a foundation to whom we will become. What are my dreams? What are your dreams? This is an important question to ask. Where are the places that I long for my roads to take me one day?

What are the places that my legs run to before I even tell them which way to run? What are the passions that are so deeply rooted in who I am that no matter where I go they will always arise to the surface?

The roads that I travel on today will lead me to the roads I take tomorrow. 

So, as I sit and dream with God as I look out my window, I look forward to my day today. I rejoice in my little journeys today.  I let my legs take me as far as I can go with a child wrapped around each leg. I remember today that I am a dream of God, a passion in His heart. He made me to dream, and so I dream. I do what I can do today, and I leave tomorrow up to Him. He has big dreams with many roads to lead me there.

Just as Mary did, I ponder many things in my heart.

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