An Honest Confession & 6 Potty Training Keys for Success


Just as I promised, here is my personal potty training 101 course for a 3 year old little boy. I can only pray that my last 3 weeks of pain will not go in vain. Yes, I am being a little dramatic I know, but please let’s all learn from my experience.

First I must confess something to you. As much as I love my son to the moon and back, potty-training is something I will NEVER enjoy. I think I would actually pay BIG bucks for someone else to do it. Something about cleaning poop off my floor and my son’s legs, feet, and anywhere else he decides to put it is just not what I signed up for. Seriously, if you are looking to start a business, become a professional potty-trainer. There is money to be made!

So, here is my true and honest potty-training story. 

My son is 3 1/2 years old. He is an energetic wild man. He is so sweet but wild. This boy loved diapers. This worried me as I drew near to our potty-training adventure. I dreaded it all winter; nevertheless, I declared he would be potty-trained by April. I purposely waited until it was warm so he could wear underwear without pants (less laundry).

My little man had a true love for diapers. He had no interest in taking time out to stop his daily activities to go to the bathroom (of course this is normal). He knew mommy would take care of it, so why bother? He was 100% capable of going to the bathroom on his own but 100% unmotivated to do it.

One morning, I woke up motivated and determined to WIN THE BATTLE. I looked my son in the eyes and explained to him that he would no longer be wearing diapers. I presented him with his new Lightening McQueen underwear and smiled. I gave him a choice. He could either dirty himself all day, have to clean it up, and be confined to the house, OR he could use the potty and get 1 m&m every time he went on his own. We cheered him on!

The first week was bad. I sat a timer every 45 minutes for him to go to the bathroom. This helped, but he of course still forgot he was commando. Pee was everywhere! Every time he had an accident, I was calm, smiled at him, and handed him a towel to clean it up. He then had to put his clothes in the laundry and go upstairs to get new underwear. The more involved I made it, the quicker he got tired of it. Mommy wasn’t doing it for him any more. Bummer!

Week 2 was better. He still had accidents of course, but I responded the same. I was determined to WIN! Soon he started taking pride in himself and his progress. We celebrated every time he went and just responded consistently and calmly every time he had an accident. I would say, “no problem buddy. We all make mistakes. Here is your towel. You know what to do.”

Week 3 there were very few accidents. He is now telling people outside of our house that he is almost potty-trained. He is so proud of himself and his progress, and he is super excited about his new life adventures only available to potty-trained big boys (i.e. new class at church & the IKEA playground).

Cold turkey was the way to go for us. It might not be for everyone, but I knew it was the only way to help my handsome little guy move forward in his life. Involving my daughter really was genius. Every successful trip to the potty put a yummy m&m in her sweet mouth too!

I truly felt it was my motherly duty to set him free of diapers and thrust him into boyhood. He will thank me one day I am sure.

He really is handsome, isn’t he?

Have a great day!

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