Becoming Excellent by the age of 60

“Trust in the Lord and do good; dwell in the land and cultivate faithfulness, delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart. Commit your way to the Lord, trust also in Him, and He will do it. He will bring forth your righteousness as the light and your judgment as the noonday.” Psalm 37

I know that we have all heard this verse many times. Usually when we are longing for something, when we are tired and worn down from waiting on an answer to prayer, or even when we just want that immediate gratification. This verse is recited, reminded, and preached. We tell ourselves that if we just ask, we will receive. While there is some truth to that as God is a good Father and loves lavishing gifts on His children. This morning I am challenging myself to go even deeper.

Let’s revisit what comes before our favorite part. ““Trust in the Lord and do good; dwell in the land and cultivate faithfulness.” Now that is good and also a challenge! Lately, I have been asking the Lord about my future and my personal goals. The other day in prayer, I began thinking about who I wanted to be at the age of 60. Specifically I asked myself, “What are the things that I would like to be excellent at by the age of 60?” I thought and prayed for a few moments about this and several things came to mind. Of course I want to love Jesus more and be a greater mom and wife. I felt God asking me in this moment, “what are the skills that you will be teaching others?” What are the things that you have personally received to impact culture?

This can be a hard question for all of us, especially for stay at home moms who give their days to their home. Discovering and even desiring to be excellent in something outside of that can be a real challenge. Of course, it is not necessary that we are, but for those of you who have a specific skill or passion sitting dormant, be encouraged!

As I thought about that for myself, the first thing that came to mind was writing. I have always loved the art of writing. I have even loved the grammar and editing side of it. Which I knew had to be from God. I love it all. Nevertheless, out of all the things that I thought of it is one that requires intentional learning. I have to learn and perfect the skill. I have to read other’s writings. I have to write! The longer I prayed about this, the more the above verse came to mind. Maybe this is one example of what it means to cultivate faithfulness? Perhaps as I give myself to learning the skill of writing now and allow God to perfect my gift, by the time that I am 60 this is a desire of my heart that God has fully given me.

The time that I spend cultivating faithfulness meets God’s faithfulness and the finished product is more than I could have ever asked for.

Revelation on this verse suddenly hit me in a new way. It gives me hope, excitement, and purpose. What does cultivating faithfulness look like in your life? What do you want to be excellent at 30-40 years from now?

Jesus I pray that you will help me to cultivate faithfulness in my life today. Remind me of the many ways that you have shown me faithfulness in my life. You are faithful God, and I want to be like you. Help me cultivate this is my home, in my job, and even in the skills that you have given me. Thank you that it is always your desire to exceed my expectations and go beyond what I could ever ask for or imagine. Thank you Jesus that you are good.

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