Between My House and My Mailbox

Every day at about 1:30 pm I step outside my front door, walk over the dirty baseball cleats on my porch, and navigate myself through the landscaped jungle to my mailbox. My big kids are either outside playing or watching a movie on a rainy day. My baby is still singing in her crib to keep herself from napping. With everyone occupied, I go to check the mail. On the sunny days I let the short trip linger. On the rainy days, I run back to the porch to sit on the step for a moment.

This is my ritual. This is my break in the middle of a mostly energetic, joyful, yet challenging day with my 3 little ones.

The space between my house and my mailbox is filled with relief, wonder, and purpose. When I walk out onto the porch, I stop to breathe. Impatience and exhaustion escape with the exhale. “Relax, you can do this,” my thoughts whisper through my unwashed hair. New purpose, determination, and grit rush in just about the time my hand reaches out to open the box. There might be another bill waiting to be added to my to do list. There might be another invitation to add to the calendar. There might be a package waiting for me to open. (I order everything online, because I have 3 kids.).

No matter what awaits me, I can do it.

As simple and seemingly meaningless my daily travel down the driveway may be, it is between my house and the mailbox that I press the reset button. My failures are over. All the times I screwed up that morning with kids are erased. I get a “do over.” It may take a few extra minutes on my porch before I can breathe it in, but it is always there waiting for me. I need it.

Thank you for the offer, but please do not check my mail for me when you come to visit.  

Many parents have an escape place they run to when they need to press the reset button, or when they need God to break in with a fresh perspective. For some, that place is the bathroom. Others may find reprieve in their bedroom, the laundry room, or even hiding behind the couch. For me, I find my peace between my house and my mailbox. God meets me there. It is just a few minutes that pass as fast as the wind, yet it is always there. The mail always needs to be checked (except on Sundays). To my kids, it is mommy’s chore. To me, it is my intermission.
Breathe in those moments. They are short and sweet yet necessary. Sometimes we all just need to take an intermission and a deep breath. I check the mail every day no matter how I feel, because I need it.

Every day I need to breathe.
Every day I need God.
Every day I need hear, “You can do this!”

I have already checked the mail today, but I might go check it one more time.
Just to make sure…

Have a blessed weekend everyone!


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