God in a Coffee Shop. Thank You!

Thinking about the past few weeks makes me laugh and cry all at the same time. I am thankful. I am overwhelmed. The support many of you have shown towards me as I have only just begun to introduce my first book to the world is humbling. You are amazing!

My favorite part about sharing my book in local communities is that I get to hear YOUR story.

Already, I have been approached by women AND men who have been encouraged by my family’s story and the truth I did my very best to communicate in genuine love and compassion in my book.


Yesterday was the cherry on top.

We gathered, we laughed, we cried, and we brought God into a coffee shop!

The topic of abortion is hard to talk about. I get it. It is hard to talk about in the church, during Bible study, and just about everywhere else. But, WE talked about it in a coffee shop. YOU asked honest questions, and I gave honest answers. I also showed a brief clip from a new film Hear From Heaven. I highly encourage you to watch the film. It is honest, raw, and powerful!


I was honored to be joined by my husband, Marcus Harris, and the Founder and Director of Carried to Full Term, Frances Robin. We had a fun and open Q & A to engage a really hard topic in a way that communicates love.

My heart through this event and hopefully many more in the future is to communicate that we can actually talk about this epidemic that is plaguing our communities. We have to talk about it. We can openly ask questions about it. It is ok. We might squirm at first. We might blush or cry, but the more we talk about it, the easier it will get.


Our silence has not helped anyone.

Starting the conversation is the first step. It is an important step.

Be brave. Be bold. Speak truth in love. Don’t be offended by those who disagree or become angry.

LOVE will win. Honesty will win.


A special thanks to Jirani Coffee House for hosting this event. All photos were taken by Lisa Chau.


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