Good to be back…Pregnancy

Well, I feel like I am returning from a long trip full of excitement yet sickness and fog. In other words, I have made it through the first trimester of my pregnancy with baby #3. Wow. This one wiped me out, but I am finally back to feeling somewhat normal. I seriously feel like I disappeared off the map for a while.

Even though the last 3 months have been extremely difficult, it had it’s brighter moments. We are excited to be expecting another little miracle. Although, I still don’t feel like I have completely processed that I am pregnant. The shift in my body and even my emotions happened so fast, my mind is still catching up.

It is actually humorous to me that I am sometimes labeled the “birth lady” because of my passion and job working in childbirth education and my previous experience in pregnancy centers. It really is so much of who I am; nevertheless, when I actually get pregnant the Lord helps me once again have another perspective on birth and pregnancy through my not so enjoyable moments. I am reminded that the things I teach on a weekly basis are of course sometimes easier said than done. For example, it isn’t always easy to eat a well-balanced diet when the smell of food makes you want to puke.

My 2 month disappearing act, made me think back to my days as a pregnancy center counselor. The majority of the moms I work with now are super excited to be pregnant and able to tough through the pain with pure adrenaline and anticipation. On the other hand, the majority of women I worked with in the pregnancy centers years ago were devastated to find out they were pregnant. I found them wondering how they would take care of their baby, re-organize their life, and even love their unexpected miracle. I began thinking about these moms as I set in my bed with tears in my eyes trying not to throw up all over my sheets.

How little I knew when I was counseling these ladies on a daily basis. I knew they needed practical help and emotional support, but these past few months I was reminded of the very real battle that takes place inside a mother with an unexpected and many times unwanted pregnancy. In the midst of fear and even sickness, truth and joy can so easily fall into the shadows.  My 2 months of hangout time in my bed gave me lots of time to pray for these moms, especially those in situations that are truly difficult.

Pregnancy is a true joy, but today I am saying a prayer for mothers with little ones in the womb who are not sure they want to be mothers. Those moms who are nauseous, tired, and want to give up. Today Lord I ask that you would give them strength, courage, and grace.

I am thankful for my short history and passion working with pregnant women. I am also thankful that even after 10 years, I am always gaining new perspective through my personal experience.

God bless moms, some of the hardest workers on the planet!


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