Homeschool 2017-18 Edition-Our NEW Plan! FREE Download.

It’s August once again, and I am prepping for another school year at Harris Home Academy. We begin on Monday-EEK! This post is a tradition I love. Every year, YOU get a close up on my plan.

If you are new to homeschooling, take a deep breathe. You don’t have to do all I am doing. But, this post is meant to fuel you and get those creative juices going. Stay simple and maybe archive some of these for later.

If you are jumping back in the saddle with me for another year of homeschooling, take this post as a BIG HIGH FIVE! And, maybe you might gain a few new ideas along the way.

First, why I homeschool…

I homeschool because I have grace and availability for it, my kids and I have found a rhythm and an awesome community to do life with, and I enjoy my kids being at home. I LOVE choosing what WE get to learn about. I find joy in planning, scheduling, and organizing. I get over the moon about the books we will read together and the unique topics we get to dive into this year, like missions and revival history, African-American history, and memorizing the Bill of Rights.

Homeschooling is a big challenge, don’t get me wrong, but when you are called, you do it. I say “NO” to fear that tells me I am inadequate and “YES” to God who is bigger than me.

So here it is: Our 2017-2018 Schedule

Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays are all the same. Thursdays are our Community Bible Study days, so at-home “school time” is shorter. Fridays are our Classical Conversations community days.

Monday-Wednesday we are at the school table by 8:30am and finish school work by noon. Chores, lunch, recess, piano practice, and quiet reading time in the afternoon are all considered part of our school day that loosely ends around 3pm.

Our Curriculum at a Glance:

Bible/Missions/Character Building-

  1. We are studying the book of Acts. We will read this aloud together and discuss it every morning. We are also studying Acts as part of a Community Bible Study, which provides a workbook for all of us to work through.
  2. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Hero Tales books. We read these aloud 3-4days/week. There are 4 volumes broken into 4 lessons per Hero with a corresponding scripture verse to discuss pertaining to godly character. We will be learning about Christian heroes such as William Seymour, Brother Andrew, George Washington Carver, and Mother Teresa.
  3. Chores is part of character building. Mondays are our big chore day, but we all have something small we do every day. (Check out my post on Chores for Kids.)


  1. Kindergarten- We are working through Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons. My oldest and I went through the entire book together a few years ago and loved it. They are quick and easy lessons. I only spend about 15 minutes each time with my son. This book also includes writing assignments. I ask him write the lessons in an Abeka Writing Tablet that teaches proper placement for letters or in a wide ruled notebook I got from the Dollar store.
  2. 2nd Grade- We use Writing With Ease, All About Spelling, and First Language Lessons. We do a lesson from Writing With Ease every day. A new concept is introduced from All About Spelling 1x/week and then reviewed throughout the week via copy work and letter tiles. First Language Lessons is taught on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I LOVE the poem memorization in this book.


  1. Both of my kids love Horizons Math. It is inexpensive. It works for us, so I don’t venture out. But, I have friends who love Saxon, Right Start Math, and Math-U-See. Again, I don’t like to spend a lot of money, so I like Horizons. We keep the pages we complete and put them in our school notebook, so we can see how far we have come throughout the year.
  2. I am also adding 10 mins/day of speed drills for both kids this year. We are using XtraMath. It’s free, they have apps for on-the-go in the car, and they email me progress for each of my kids. Sounds good to me!


  1. We are a BIG part of a Classical Conversations Community, so we will follow cycle 3 this year, which is American History. This is my favorite cycle!!!! We review the history Timeline Cards at home and the CC history memory work.
  2. I supplement our history with Story of the World Audio CDs. My kids will listen to these while they learn to draw the United States with Draw the USA. I am also adding a few books here and there, specifically African-American History related, to our quiet reading time in the afternoon. Here are some of the ones I have picked up: Moses, If a Bus Could Talk, The Story of Ruby Bridges, and Who Was Frederick Douglass?.
  3. Lastly, we are watching the Liberty Kids DVD series with friends on Fridays after our regular CC community day.


  1. Classical Conversations science memory work this year includes Anatomy, Elements, and Creation. We will go deeper with these at home via the CC Science Cards, Lyrical Science, and It Couldn’t Just Happen. I am considering switching some of these with Answers in Genesis, but we shall see how it goes.
  2. We also have science labs and experiments every Friday with our CC community.


  1. Almost 100% of our music theory and Arts will come from our CC community. As a community we learn basics of drawing, Great Artists, the beloved tin whistle plus music theory, and orchestra.
  2. My oldest is also starting piano lessons and my son is learning to play the drums with dad.

Public Speaking-

  1. Weekly presentations are a part of our CC community day on Fridays, but my kids are expected to prep their topic and practice it together every Thursday after Bible Study. Sometimes this is as simple as writing down the 3 things they love about their toy and sharing that with us in a concise and cohesive manner. Sometimes they color a picture to go along with it or write 3-4 sentences on a paper (beginning stages of an outline) to remind them of what they plan to say.


  1. Yes. My kids learn Latin through our Classical Conversations curriculum. This year we are memorizing John 1 in English and Latin. I will reinforce this at home with the John 1 Latin copy work I printed from Half-a-Hundred Acre Wood.


Whew…so there you have it. If you want to see how this all works in a weekly schedule (including chores and rest time). Here you go- Detailed Daily School Schedule.

Also, just a quick tip. One of my favorite homeschool bloggers, Half-a-Hundred Acre Wood, matches up all the Classical Conversations, Story of the World, Science books and science cards, etc. for me every year in her printable and FREE planners. This year I printed the Cycle 3 weekly planner, and much of the work was already done for me. I couldn’t let you miss out on that little secret.


Let me know if you have questions!!!! Happy Homeschooling!


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  1. Bethanne | 16th Aug 17

    Wow Cathy! This is such a great resource! Thank you so much for listing all of that out!

    • CathyHarris | 16th Aug 17

      You are welcome. I am so glad you find it helpful!

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