“I want to play too.”—Hanging out with Jesus

” I want to play too mommy,” my son said with a tear in his eyes as he watched his big sister in gymnastics class today. Sitting up against the wall trying to enjoy the book in his hands, his poor little heart was broken wanting to be included. 45 minutes seemed like hours to this 2 year old full of energy and passion.

I sat watching his eyes as he watched her roll down the mat and jump on the little trampoline. His eyes lit up with excitement.

“Look mommy. Look at Miyah,” he said with a proud smile.

As I sat and looked at my son, I started to think about that little ache in his soul to play like everyone else, to run and jump like his big sister, and to be included. I watched my daughter, Ramiyah, as she had so much fun and pleasure showing me what she could do on the balance beam.

Its natural of course to want to make your mommy proud and absolutely natural to want to be a part of the fun. How much my son longed to say.,”look what I can do mommy.”

Though it made me a sad for my little buddy, I really felt the Lord speaking to me about how much we love saying, “Look Abba. Look what I can do. We love making God proud, and we love being part of the action!”

I thought back on the sermon I heard yesterday at church. One of the pastors spoke a really great message on pruning and abiding. He touched on the natural feeling to want to be a part of the action and bear fruit for the Lord. We may want to be a part of the growing ministry, be a leader in our community, or even impact our relationships for Jesus. These are all great, but the pastor’s question for us yesterday was, “what happens when God strips it all away and all you have is Him?”

Just learning to abide and love hanging out with Jesus is better than anything else in the world we could be included in.

Looking at my son today reminded me again to pray,
“Lord help me love hanging out with you. Yes, I want to make you proud. I want to be included in Your Kingdom action, but even when it is time just to sit on the sidelines let me find rest in you. Even when it means watching others “do the stuff” let me appreciate my moments of pruning, abiding, and just loving you.”

I think in many ways I am just like a 2 year old ready to jump up and go have fun.

My son and I had such sweet time even in the moments that his heart was broken. In the moments when sadness began to distract him, I whispered in his little ear, “It’s ok buddy. You will get to play soon too. Mommy loves hanging out with you.”

Have a blessed day!

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