More Than Enough. Day 5 From My Devotional, Laid Down.

Day 5: More than Enough (Taken from Laid Down: A 30-Day Devotional for the Woman Longing for Rest).

In Matthew 14 and Matthew 15, we see two accounts of Jesus feeding a crowd. We can draw two important conclusions from this: 1. Jesus likes to eat and 2. Jesus likes to eat with people. So, of course, there are many more spiritual things we can gather, but I kind of like these two. They are practical. They are fun, real life, and something we can easily model. Reading these passages really makes me smile. Jesus is so fun and practical.

In Matthew 15:32, a large crowd anxiously gathers around Jesus. They are looking over each other’s shoulders to get a glimpse of Him at work. He has already healed a multitude of people. For hours, the crowd watches with anticipation. Miracle after miracle fills their hungry souls . Of course, who has time to eat during a time like this? Then the intensity dies down, and Jesus looks out on the crowd with compassion.

After hours of ministry, He wants to fill their now hungry bellies before their long journey back home. Though He could have easily and miraculously fed them by Himself in an instant, He invites His disciples to set the table. This request is no small task. Jesus has invited  5,000 people to dinner!

In the natural sense, there was not enough food to go around. Jesus was well aware of this, but He saw beyond the natural into the supernatural. The disciples, on the other hand, could not see past their lack. I imagine I would respond in the same way. I get overwhelmed when I have to prepare a meal for just a few extra people. Days of planning, grocery store shopping, and cleaning anxiously unfold. Hospitality does not come easily for me. It actually takes a lot of my energy. Do you think the disciples had the gift of hospitality? Nevertheless, Jesus asks them to host thousands of people immediately, and He asks them to do it well.

Jesus begins the feast with a declaration, “There is always more than enough.” They all needed to hear this truth, and so do we. He doesn’t want us burning out and collapsing along our journey. There is always enough at the table whether we are the ones serving the food or eating the food. Despite this, m   any of us live from a place of lack. We convince ourselves there just isn’t enough available for us or for those to whom we minister.   We may believe we lack money, clothes, prestige, favor, or even time. Just like the disciples, we can become so accustomed to living in a place of lack that we can’t see the miracles He performs around us.  He has prepared a spacious place for us to live and invite others into.

Our stress, worry, doubt, and fear all stem from the belief that there is not enough for us at the table. Sister, I assure you, there is always enough for you at God’s table. You can rest, cease your striving, and know that He is God. May you have eyes to see beyond the natural resources today into the supernatural resources available to you and others you serve. Your first step is faith. Be brave today.


  1. Do you find it hard to believe there is more than enough for you?
  2. What fears or worries do you need to lay down before God today?
  3. How will you choose to live from a place of promise instead of lack?
  4. What do you believe God will provide? Are you dreaming beyond your available   resources?


The above excerpt has been taken from Day 5 in Laid Down: A 30-Day Devotional for the Woman Longing for Rest.



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