My New Book! EEK!

I am excited to announce…

2016 began with a dream in my heart that slowly became a reality. I found myself dreaming a dream that completely terrified me; nevertheless, I decided to jump in with both feet.

For the last 8 years, I have had pieces of a book sitting on my computer. I knew one day I would have the opportunity to share it with you, but I had NO idea how that would unfold. But, with God, anything is possible.

The last 13 months have been a crazy ride. I ended up with a God-ordained meeting with a Publishing House in October 2015 after taking a BIG risk to put myself out there. I thought it was a long shot, but God put a fire under all of us. We had a signed contract by December, and I was left to write the book in all my “spare time.” A dream that felt so unreachable fell together in just a few short months and has stretched me beyond my belief. I am a better person and a better writer on the other side. I am thankful.

I have also learned the importance of becoming excellent in a skill I felt called to, even if it meant continually being critiqued and corrected along the way.  Writing is not a fantasy to me any more. It is real. It is laborious. It is hard, but it extremely rewarding. I pray you and those you know will be impacted by the fruit.


Created to Live: Becoming the Answer to an Abortion-Free Community is a book for women who have had abortions. It is a book for anyone who knows someone who has had an abortion. It is a book for leaders to know how to minister to those who have been devastated by abortion, and it is a book to equip the Church to become the Answer to an epidemic that plagues our nation. The book is filled with hard truths, Biblical answers, testimonies and personal stories.

Writing this book has been an incredible and also an extremely challenging journey. I have wept tears of joy and tears of sorrow over these pages. Countless hours have been devoted to research, collecting stories, and prayer in order to bring you a book that presents truth, brings healing, and inspires boldness.

I pray you will join me in my prayer for abortion-free communities! It begins with you and I becoming the answer!

Will Ford (Author and Director of Marketplace Leadership, Christ For the Nations) joined me in writing the Foreword. The book has also been endorsed by Linda Cochrane (Author of Forgiven and Set Free), Jody Duffy (Director, PATH Atlanta), Karen Ellison (President, Deeper Still), Dean Nelson (National Outreach Director, Human Coalition), and Allan Parker (President, The Justice Foundation and Lead Counsel for Norma McCorvey and Sandra Cano).

Created to Live will be officially released on Amazon and other retailors on January 22nd for $13.99. BUT, we are doing a special Kindle release on January 13th for ONLY 99 cents. YEP, you heard me right, you can get this amazing book for less than $1 for a limited time.

If you live in the Northern Virginia/DC/MD area, you can also purchase a signed print copy from me for $12. I will have 2 book launches that you can attend to hear more about the book, get a signed copy, and celebrate with me.

The first introduction of the book will take place at my home church, Newsong Church, in Vienna on the release date, January 22nd. The second (official) launch is February 12th at Virani Coffee House in Manassas. More info is to come about the launches and how you can participate!!!!

If you are out of town and want to purchase a signed copy, I am happy to mail it to you for the same price at $12/book, plus shipping. Bulk orders are also available for a discounted price/book. Just contact me!

Can’t wait until January 22nd? Pre-order your copy now!


My girl and I opened the first box of books together the day before Christmas. We are teaching them young to dream big dreams and work hard to achieve them. She is a writer in the making.





  1. Betsy Herman | 5th Jan 17

    Congrats! I can’t wait to hear more!

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