It’s a New Season. How Do We Respond?

This post is a little different from many of my posts, but I have had this word burning on my heart. I have to share it with my people. I hope you are encouraged.

Isaiah 43:19 is set on repeat in my mind. The New American Standard reads, “Behold, I will do something new, Now it will spring forth; Will you not be aware of it? I will even make a roadway in the wilderness, rivers in the desert.”

I can imagine if I was standing in the wilderness, a sudden road would be quite exhilarating.

Where would it lead?

You only find out, if you take the risk to go down it. A river popping up seemingly out of nowhere in the desert would be refreshing, life-giving, and even fun to splash in. In addition, if I was lost in either of these locations, completely hidden, it would be terrifying. A road or a river leads to promise, discovery, and life.

Many of us have been hidden in the wilderness or desert for a long time. We may have even gotten comfortable there. We learned to adapt. What was hard at first, throughout the years might have become simply the new normal. Being “stuck” in the wilderness or the desert may also not have even been a negative thing at all. Perhaps, God drew you there to speak tenderly to you like Hosea, or He met you there and called your name like He did with Moses. He tucked you into the cleft of the rock for your good. He took you deep, declared promises over you, and commissioned you, yet your circumstances never changed. The desert was still the desert, hot and dry as always. Years passed.

Yet, God is doing a NEW THING. He is preparing for a new season. It’s a season of roads and rivers for those who are in love with Jesus! I can feel it in my spirit, I hear it in conversation after conversation, and I am preparing for it. Just this morning a prayer warrior friend of mind reminded me and a few other moms that Noah prepared for the rain when the sound of rain was absurd, yet he did it any way. Similarly, we buy coats for the winter during the August heat, because we know the chilly crisp winter air is around the corner. The natural always points to the supernatural. I am seeing God shuffle things in my life and in the lives of others around me. He is putting things and people in place to run.

How can you and I prep for the new season?

Pray! Stay in the place of prayer!

Dream again! Start writing down your dreams, visions, and plans! Go back to the ones buried in your journals from years ago.

Take the leap! Don’t let fear hold you back!

Start meeting with your people. If you don’t have community to run with, go find it! Be intentional!

It is go time!

It’s a new season! I am praying that you and I find our new normal in the river.

Get your swimsuits on, because it’s springing up!






  1. Richard Hislop | 5th Aug 17

    What an amzing word in season! This is so from the Lord for this season for so many to hear. I’m glad my sister Beth shared with us all. Thanks for the word and message!

    • CathyHarris | 8th Aug 17

      Thank you for reading. I am glad you were encouraged! Keep pressing on!

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