Our Homeschooling Day of Wonder Through the Magical Land of Narnia.

“Mom, can we PLEASE read the rest of Narnia?”

This was the question I woke up to on a rainy, cloudy, and regular old Tuesday in the Harris home this week. Homeschooling plans were set. Books were ready to go and awaiting us after cereal, eggs, and whatever else we could catch & gather for breakfast found their way to our hungry bellies.

My plans were set, but the pleading continued. “Mom, can we PLEASE read the rest of Narnia today?,” my kids begged with their cute little eyes. It may sound like reading was their main objective, but I saw right through those innocent eyes. I knew the reason they really wanted to finish the book. Before we began The Lion, the Witch, and The Wardrobe, I promised them they could watch the movie when we finished. I was so eager to get them into the series, so a mom did what she had to do.

With cheerios swimming in their bellies, they danced around the house wondering what Aslan looked like, daydreaming of the talking animals running through the magical hills of Narnia, and practicing their moves for the great battle against the white witch.

The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe had been gathering dust on the shelf under our TV as we read slowly through the book. I saw the wonder in their eyes, and I just couldn’t take it any more. I gave in.

Suddenly, all my homeschooling plans blew past me in the wind and Narnia billowed front and center. We put the baby down for a nap, snuggled up still in our PJ’s, and read the last four chapters of our Narnia book, as they call it.

Finally, the book ended and with excitement in our eyes, we took the long awaited movie out of the case and eagerly sat down on the couch. A Narnia day we had. A memory we made. A regular Harris Academy homeschooling day turned into a day of imagination and wonder and a sweet day of snuggles. With every scene, their eyes got bigger as they pointed out moments they remembered in the book. (A lesson on reading comprehension I called it. Wink.)

We had so much fun, and we have only just begun our Narnia journey. We are hooked now with 6 more books to go!  It will be a sweet journey to take us through the winter months.

It was just one of those days that my plans had to go out the window. I had to seize the moment of wonder in their eyes.

Now is that time that homeschooling or even just doing homework after school can start to get mundane and monotonous. A little creativity and fun is absolutely required in our house when we hit those walls. Just taking a little time to have fun performs miracles for our motivation to continue in our other studies.

For those of you who are homeschooling or diligently doing homework with your kids every afternoon and evening, I encourage you to seize those moments of fun and creativity. Maybe you might even want to join us in Narnia one day this winter.

Many hugs,

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