Raising Kingdom-Minded Kids in a Humanistic Culture

I love my honest conversations with my kids.

My two big kids are 9 and 7. They are still small, but yet big enough and perceptive enough to ask really great questions. We often find our ourselves talking about theological wonderings and relational conflicts. I realize these small conversations will only grow into more substantial ones.

Nevertheless, my kids are slowly being introduced to a world that muddies and perverts truth. I am full of hope for the next generation, yet I see the war over its destiny in God. Simply living in our townhouse community with a small playground in front of our house has led to unexpected whirlwinds in my kids innocent minds and hearts. In the short time we have lived in here, they have encountered words, kids “games,” beliefs, and ideologies they knew not of.

I can’t keep them in a bubble. How then do I raise my kids to be kingdom leaders? How do I protect them but also equip them at such a young age?

These have been my constant questions turned into prayers. My prayers were conceived in a place of desperation and fear. Now they have transformed into powerful declarations. I can choose to wallow in fear, or I can stand in the authority given to me in Christ. I am choosing to stand and still allow my kids to be free.

There are just a few things God has revealed to me in the midst of my challenge that I so desperately wanted to share with you.

  1. Go to war for your kids in prayer. The Holy Spirit is faithful to guide and teach our children as we are also faithful to pray for them. You will learn to pray for your children from a higher place of authority when you release them into the hands of Jesus. Click To Tweet
  2. Remember, when they are young, they still need protection. From a place of wisdom (not fear), we still have to protect our children from circumstances that will cause them harm. I often feel like the strict mom with all the rules, but I am training my kids for a world much larger than our neighborhood playground.
    1. I don’t assume all is innocent. I have strict boundaries for my children: they have to stay together; they are not allowed to look at any other child’s phone or tablet outside; and they are called to lead themselves and others in righteousness. If they neglect to do these, there are immediate consequences. Note: I do not assume games that involve any form of the occult are innocent. You might be shocked the games some kids want to play. The scriptures clearly say, “The violent take [the kingdom] by force.” Matthew 11:12
    2. I am not scared of my kids thinking I’m the bad guy as long as they know I love them, and they are more than welcome to “throw me under the bus” in a conversation if they lack the know-how or courage to get out of a situation they know is not ok for them. They have been given permission to say something like, “My mom is calling me back in the house. I’ve got to go.”
  3. Declare truth over your kids and teach them the scriptures. Truth is muddy in our culture. Morals are no longer absolutes. We may stick out, yet we still stand on the truth that we know to be true even when we are the only ones left standing. Walking with Jesus will many times cause you to have to take the unpopular route. Becoming like Jesus is our goal, not becoming like our friends.
    1. We try hard in our house not to just say, “No,” without giving a reason, especially a biblical reason. More than ever, it is important for our children to know and understand biblical truth. I don’t assume they will learn it from anyone else but my husband and I.
    2. Allow them to ask questions. Even if the questions scare you, they need to ask them. If you do not provide an answer, they will take an answer from someone else. It is also ok to not know the answer and seek the Lord together.

Our American culture is largely humanistic. Everything has become about the individual and the individual’s desires. This is not how Jesus’ Kingdom works. As Godly parents, we are called to raise our kids according to the ways of the Kingdom no matter which way the world turns, slides, and bends. This is challenging and will only become more and more challenging, yet this world and all its pleasures will fade away. It is worth it to invest in a firm foundation!

The next generation is called to live in power, truth, and love! Let’s rally around them, send them out, and strengthen them during the days they lay their little heads down under our roofs.

Praise God! He is a good parent. He is faithful to lead us.









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