The Glory in the Mundane

Life as a mom is pretty monotonous. I wake up at the same time just about every morning to the same sweet and boisterous thuds of my kids stomping to my room.

I make breakfast at 8am, we start our home school work, I work in my home office every afternoon, and we go to bed. I make a few gourmet meals in between it all, wash laundry, clean dishes, change diapers, and the glory continues. Life has largely become like the movie “Groundhog Day.” It’s mundane. It’s the same routine every day, all day, over and over again.

A little excitement comes by way of potty training, class field trips, and once in a while a new speaking engagement or writing project for me (which is of course super fun.) Most of the time though, the mundane is just plain, simple, and predictable.

There was a season a few years ago that the extremely mundane tasks wore on me quite a bit. It was when my kids were tiny and could barely smile at me that was the hardest. I am pretty sure I overwhelmed a few grocery clerks during those days. I was just desperate for some adult conversations. The mundane of life can easily wear on us. But, I’ll be honest. They have grown on me quite a bit.

Several years ago I chose to fully embrace my life as a mom. Other life adventures were laid down, some moved to the back seat, and still a few remained (Read my post on balancing it all). My life became even more mundane than it was when I was working, yet I prayed an audacious prayer that has kept me going:

“Lord, make me faithful as you are faithful.”

You see, I am a dreamer. I can so easily slip into striving and become overly ambitious. Ambition is not necessary a bad thing.  But, it has to bow to Jesus, or it is just busyness and control for me. Yet, faithfulness means our dreams are surrendered, we don’t try to take short cuts, we trust God with timing, and we learn to be content in the mundane of today. This is glory.

Faithfulness is mundane. Faithfulness means the long haul. Faithfulness requires your roots to grow deep.

Psalm 37 (one of my favorites) says, “Trust in the Lord and do good; dwell in the land and cultivate faithfulness. Delight yourself in the Lord; and He will give you the desires of your heart. Commit your way to the Lord, trust also in Him, and He will do it.” (Psalm 37: 4-5). Amen!

Faithfulness is glory in the mundane.

It’s the mom who has been changing diapers for 10 years and cleaning floors faithfully that the Lord sees and calls up to bat when the seasons change. He sees the preacher anointing on her, and He knows she can carry the anointing. She was willing to wait, be faithful, and serve the “least of these” in her home. He gives her opportunities here and there along the way to keep the fire burning and the skill sharpened.

It’s the young intern who faithfully serves without complaining and shows herself approved that gets the highest position, because the Lord saw her faithfully studying, learning, and gleaning from mentors and serving them well.

It’s the dad who faithfully comes home every day from work and plays with his kids, attends all the soccer games, and takes the trash out who the Lord sees.

It’s the faithful ones who learn how to live in the mundane and cultivate faithfulness that the Lord sees and says, “Yes, I know just the one to raise up for this opportunity. She has been faithful. She can be entrusted with my heart.”

It’s in the mundane, that we learn the ways of God’s kingdom. We learn meekness, gentleness, mercy, righteousness, and peace. And, honestly, even if your season changes and your “job” becomes more prestigious, you still just move into a different kind of mundane tasks. We never graduate from it.

So, whether you are a mom like me trudging away every day in your home, a working parent being faithful in your job, or living both roles just trying to make ends meet, enjoy the mundane. Learn to love it. There is glory there. There is great purpose there. It’s not the stage that cultivates faithfulness, it’s the hidden place.

Enjoy the mundane and dream those big dreams! The Lord has not forgotten your desires. He put them there. It’s for such a time like this that He has you where you are. He needs faithful ones who He can pluck out and exalt who won’t fall under the anointing. (If it’s a delayed answer, you might be encouraged by Bob Sorge’s book, The Fire of Delayed Answers. It’s one of my favs.)

There are so many treasures in your mundane tasks.

If the mundane is hard to enjoy today, I pray that you will see the shiny glimpse of one of treasures peeking through the fog.




P.S. For more on dreaming in the mundane check out Dreaming With God by Bill Johnson.


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