What Are Your Declarations For Today?

As many of my readers know, I home school my kids. Just as God uses our daily life and ministry to speak to all of us, the past few weeks, He has spoken to me while teaching my son. My son is fierce about life. He feels all the feels. He is up and down. He is confident and strong. He can also easily get defeated all in the same moment. Right now, we are intensely working on his reading. It is an area in school that he struggles in, yet desperately wants my help to conquer. So, we are facing it head on.

The last few weeks, his struggle and lack of confidence in his reading ability began to spill over into every area of his life. It broke my heart to watch him pull back in his church Sunday school class and other classroom settings. He was embarrassed and angry with what He thought was an insurmountable climb.

Can you relate? I can! He is only 6-years old, but his struggle is so often my struggle. In reality, he is not behind at all, but his expectations for himself do not equal mine or Jesus’ expectations. Sound familiar?

Despite the gloom that hung over his head, I was determined to alter his perspective. So, I started intentionally declaring who He was and who God made him to be over him. I got on his level, looked into his eyes, and declared, “You are smart. You are leader. You CAN read. You can conquer anything you put your mind to.” Every time I spoke truth over him, his eyes lit up.

Finally, something switched. Yesterday, I woke up hearing my son attempting to read on his own downstairs on the living room couch. This never happens. I overheard him tell his older sister, “Mom says I know how to read, so I am just going to keep reading. I know I can do it.”

He owned it.

His reading ability has not miraculously changed in the last 24 hours, yet He is living in His declaration rather than defeat. I couldn’t be more proud of him.

What area of your life do you need to declare life over? Is it your family, your marriage, your finances, your church family, or your job? I challenge you to declare the purposes of God over your situations as if it already was your reality. Declare it and live in it. Perhaps your words of life are all that your situation needs to take a turn? So often we will become and accomplish what we declare over ourselves whether those thoughts and declarations are negative or positive.

Declarations are powerful. Your words hold weight when you agree with Heaven over your circumstances. Intentionally declare life over yourself, your children, your marriage, your family, etc. Jesus alone has the words of life (John 6:68). Let’s abide in them (John 15:7).

What are your declarations for today?

Declaring peace and grace over you,








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