When God Does the Work for You


Life has been a bit crazy busy lately. A good crazy, but it has left little time for “extracurricular” activities. To be honest, I have enjoyed the pace.

The past few months have been productive, intentional, and fulfilling. Yet, last week I hit a wall. I was tired. Life gave me a breather, and I was thankful. Resting, sleeping, and hanging out with my crew at home has been my rhythm.

I LOVE weeks like that. They come few and far between all the other demands of life, yet I breathe them in when they peek around the corner of a crazy few months.

As beautiful as that may sound, breathing in the “lazy” days are also hard for me. I have to intentionally tell myself to enjoy them and not fill them up.

You see, I thrive in multiple tasking, organizing, and productivity. I struggle with feeling like I am being productive when I am not putting my hands to something. It is probably a rare disorder very few people struggle with. (wink).

It is difficult to rest.
It is hard to take it all in and smell the roses.
Slowing down is not my natural default.

I know this about myself. Yes, the first step to overcoming my disorder is admitting that I have a problem. What can I say? I am a work in progress.

The past two weeks I put on the brakes to enjoy some extra time with my family. I have been working extremely hard and long hours for months on a writing project and growing my business. We all needed the break; nonetheless, there were still deadlines that did not disappear. The list of tasks were not erased from my Google calendar. I took a leap of faith and set them aside. I chose to trust God, and He shocked me.

Behind the scenes, He continued the work. This is not the first time or the last, yet His sovereignty to move a mountain for me while I am resting with my family amazes me. I have been praying for certain connections to be made to enable me to take a few extra steps in my writing project. Taking these steps would require phone calls, meetings, and relationship building. I was fully prepared to invest the time, energy, and faithfulness to get it all done, but I was also tired. I felt myself slipping into striving, so I put it down until life slowed down some more. Does that ever really happen?

Suddenly, a few days ago I received an email from someone asking me to partner with them in a way that included the connections I was praying for on a silver platter. One email, and it was done. I rested. God worked. Months of work were completed in 1 day.

There are times when God calls us to partner with Him, put in the grit to get it done, and not take “no” for an answer. Yet, there are other times that God calls us to rest, cease from striving, and allow Him to move the mountain. He moved a mountain for me in one seemingly “random” email that could have taken me months to budge. This is how He works.

I think about all those mom moments that I have had when I choose to put something down that I would really love to invest in or give myself too, but I choose time with my husband and kids instead. This does not mean that God stops moving on my behalf and preparing the way for me. I am reminding myself of this truth just as much as I am reminding you of the times He has done it for you. I think about the times that God has seemed to add hours to my day, downloaded information into my brain that could have taken days to learn, or given me grace for a project that moves it along much faster than expected. There are times when God chooses to simply do the work for us.

There are times when He will and wants to do the work for you.
His favor paves the way for us to stride instead of strive.

Discernment and wisdom help us to know when and how to partner with Him. Bottom line to it all is TRUST. He calls us to cease from striving and know that He is God. I know that I am slipping into striving when my family begins to suffer. I know that I am striving when my brain gets overloaded with information that I become overwhelmed by a task instead of rejuvenated by it. It does not mean that life is not hard or requires hard work, yet I believe when we give ourselves to God’s work, we are meant to be refreshed and renewed no matter how demanding or difficult it is. We roll with Him in the ebbs and flows. We move when He says move, and we rest or remain silent when He says wait. This is the joy of walking with God.

“To be silent does not mean to be inactive; rather it means to breathe in the will of God, to listen attentively and be ready to obey.” Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Meditating on the Word

You are God’s favorite. He moves on your behalf, and He has great purposes to prosper you. Pray, enjoy Him, wait, and jump all in when He puts His arms out to catch you. He calls us to trust Him in the daily tasks. He beckons us to ride the waves with Him through the busy schedules. If we can not enjoy Him, find Him, and rest Him in the midst of a task or even a truck load of tasks, we have lost sight of the purpose. He is the purpose.

Be blessed in the ebbs and flows of today,

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