When I look at you I see…The February Slump

Wow, have I been in need of a little bit of this lovely word this week. It seems to me so have a lot of others around me. Why is it that EVERY year the middle of February sneaks in around us and tries to suck the sunshine out of us? I am getting emails about homeschool slump refreshers, activities to get your kids through the rest of winter, and weekend winter retreats. We obviously need a few pick-me-ups.

The February slump is real people!

To add to the humor, I have literally dreamt about laying on the beach 3 nights in a row. Ha! What can I say? I really like the sunshine, and oh how I miss my skirts and flip flops.

Nevertheless, here we are. It is cold, cloudy, and it is certainly not looking like the beach outside my window. Our summer season pool pass has been purchased, t-ball registration is the bag, and swim team evaluations are right around the corner, but…

What do I do when I just want to snuggle in my bed and wait for the sun to come back?

If you know me, I am a hardcore fighter against survival mode. I hate it. I truly deplore it. My passion to thrive rather than survive does not always keep me out of the slump, but when I recognize it, wow do I try to get up quick and get running.

Where do we turn in the February slump?

The past few weeks, my answer has been ENCOURAGEMENT. God is echoing this word in my ears. I ask myself, “Who can I encourage?” and “Where do I find my encouragement?”

Encouraging another is such a powerful way to literally breathe life into them. It doesn’t always have to be super-spiritual. Sometimes a word of encouragement is a simple text to say, “I appreciate you, I am thinking about you, or have a great day.” I need to hear these words sometimes and so do you!

One of my favorite ways to encourage others is simply reminding them of the gems inside of them. When we are in a slump, remembering the diamonds at the bottom of the barrel can be just enough to bring a little sunshine back into the day.

One of the ways we teach our kids (thanks to our wonderful church) to encourage others and even hear God’s encouragement for others is to say,

 “when I look at you I see…”

We encourage them to wait and listen to God for a moment and then say encouraging words that come to mind for that person. (This is really learning to walk in the prophetic, but we don’t have to call it that. Wink.)

Try it. Look at your husband, your kids, or your co-workers today and tell them, “when I look at you today, I see…” You fill in the rest. It is amazing the things God will speak to you for others in such a simple and fun way.

My small group did this for each other this week, and smiles were ear to ear when we are done. It was such a perfect moment to get us out of the February slump.


Sometimes that is just what we need to bring a little beach time into the 40 degree whether we have around us.

Be encouraged today. When I look at you I see, men and women of valor, honor, kindness, and incredible destiny. Live out that sunshine today!!

Happy February, and cheers to another good beach dream tonight!

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