Are You a Writer But Too Busy to Write? FIVE Tips to Get You Writing!

Time flies when you are having fun. Let’s be honest. Time just simply flies. Sometimes it seems time runs much faster than our little legs can run. I feel this way ALL the time. There is so much in my heart that I want to give, receive, learn, and produce, yet I am human. I only have so much time. You only have so much time.

Nevertheless, I learned several years ago that I used time as an excuse for not accomplishing my writing goals and dreams. I longed to write a book. I had possible book titles and blog post ideas oozing from my computer.

Yet, time was my road block. Can you relate?

I homeschool my three kids, I run a small home business, I am a wife, and I really like resting and just being with my family. I wondered, “How does writing a book fit into this life?”

In a moment of sulking, a wise woman challenged me. She said, “Perhaps it’s not time that you lack, it is that writing is simply not one of your priorities in this season.”

Drop the mic….

Her words changed everything. From then on, instead of saying that I lacked time to write, I owned the fact that it was not currently a priority. Instead of making excuses and sulking, I owned my decision to not write.

Of course, it is more than acceptable for writing to not to be a top priority. I go through seasons when it is and others when it is not. But, IF you long to write, don’t use time as an excuse. Own your decision not to write. If this is not the decision you want to make, then change it.

Reaching your dreams is up to you. Time will never slow down, so don’t let it hold you back.

Months after my lightbulb moment, I decided to make writing a book a priority. My decision meant other things were no longer at the top of my priority list.


This is how I made time to write:

Tip ONE: Wake up early or stay up late a few days a week ONLY to write. Schedule these times like they are destiny-related meetings you wouldn’t dare miss. They might only be 30 minutes. That’s ok, but try to make them realistic so you can be consistent. (NOTE: In order to be consistent, you might have to cut down  on TV time in the evening and establish a bedtime.)

Tip TWO: Delete Facebook and Instagram (or other social media) apps from your phone for a season. Instead, invest in your day so that you have time later. Invest in family, get chores done, get all your work finished, etc.

Tip THREE: Establish other weekly writing times. (I instituted daily 2-4pm home office hours and a subsequent quiet time for my kids). For months I also scheduled one Saturday morning writing session per month from 6-10am at Panera Bread.

Tip FOUR: Write something EVERY day. It doesn’t matter what you write, but you need to practice to increase your typing speed, writing skills, and juice up your creativity. (I use my blog for practice.) The more you practice, the more you can write in LESS time.

Tip FIVE: Join a writing community for support, motivation, and constructive feedback. To become excellent writers, we all have to learn from other writers. Go ahead and get used to people critiquing your work.


Suddenly, with these few adjustments, I discovered I DID have time to write. I was actually able to find 2-3 hours per day plus big chunks of time periodically on the weekends. I found time to write, because it was a top priority.

Since making this change, I have published two books, Created to Live and Laid Down, and a number of blog posts and articles. Go check them out!

BONUS! I also have a few other suggestions to get you reaching your writing goals!

Do you want to start a blog?

You need to take my friend’s Clumsy Blogger’s Workshop. It is the BEST and MOST cost-effective way I have found to get started. Micah will walk you through everything you need to know, including monetizing, building an email list, and promoting on social media. You need this course! Plus, you get to a part of an amazing writer’s community. (Remember my Tip FIVE!)

Do you want to write a book?

My friend, Betsy, just published her book, Write Your Story. She will walk you through the steps to writing a book and publishing. I have read the book, endorsed it, and think every writer longing to write a book should read it. It’s a quick and simple read to get you going.


If you long to write, it’s time to make it a priority.

Happy Writing!


P.S. Come on over to the blog ( and read more encouragements and activations!


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